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Letter from Susie

The past month has been another busy one. Highlights included a meeting with the analyst firm Gartner. Andy Youniss, Rocket President and CEO, and I gave a presentation on our U2 business, and I have a follow-up call scheduled at the end of this month. We’ve set the location and dates for the next U2 University in the US. This technical training event will be held in downtown Denver May 8-10, 2012. With the US venue and dates set, our next task will be to schedule the UK and Australian events. Based on your feedback, we will include more content (sessions, demos, training, etc.) on other Rocket products in our 2012 U2 University agenda. If you have suggestions for topics and technology you want covered, please send them to

We held our mid-year Sales meeting, attended by all the WW U2 Sales reps and Sales Engineers. The territory reviews indicated that 2011 will be another strong year for the U2 business. We had a team outing to a cooking school that was a fun team-building event, and resulted in a delicious dinner. Below is a picture of Ron Bleakney, VP Rocket WW Sales and John Mathieu, VP WW U2 Sales in their aprons, mixer at the ready.

Susie Siegesmund
Vice President and General Manager, Rocket U2

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