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The Year Ahead

Dear U2 Community,

With our first full year of being part of Rocket Software under our belts, we are ready to make 2011 our most exciting year ever. Having given you U2 DataVu in 2010, we are planning another major new-product launch in the fourth quarter of this year – stay tuned for details! We are also committed to supporting U2 DeveloperZone, our new online resource to help you create business software applications using UniData or UniVerse. You may have noticed a pause in content delivery while Rocket has been rolling out our new Content Management System, but with the new site now live, additional content will appear very soon.

If you are in Australia or Europe, we invite you to attend our upcoming U2 University programs, which are designed to accelerate your skills and maximize your return on investment in Rocket U2 technology. We had a record turnout in Denver last November (more than 120 attendees came from all over the world), so reserve your space today.

We are also delivering on one of the commitments that I made to our customers in 2010: growing our customer-service operation. I am pleased to announce that we have added two full-time team members dedicated to customer outreach and maintenance renewals, which I believe will help us deliver unparalleled support to our partners and end users.

Again, I would like to thank all of you for making 2010 so successful. We are looking forward to an even better 2011!

Warm Regards,

Susie Siegesmund
Vice President and General Manager, Rocket U2

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