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Letter from Susie

June finally brought summer weather to Colorado, as well as a summer intern for U2 Support. We have two other new employees, one in Development and one in Product Management. So between the sunny days and the increase in energy brought by new people, things have been sizzlin’ in our Denver office: We released two major product updates, SB/XA 6.1 and U2 DataVu 2.0, delivering new features and functionality requested by our customers. See below for further details or, better yet, order an evaluation copy of either product. I hope the summer weather is invigorating for you as well. Who needs those “lazy, hazy days…”?

In addition to US 4th of July holiday, the U2 team WW celebrated the end of a very successful quarter and first half of the year. Thanks to all U2 customers, as well as to the WW U2 sales team!

Susie Siegesmund
Vice President and General Manager, Rocket U2

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